Oh, uh!

I dropped my favorite cup today.
The one I use each day for tea.
It looked OK,
at first.
I laughed.
But now it's leaving


Light circles,
not yet pooling up.
But leaving footprints, nonetheless,
clear evidence of one thin crack
that will, as all cracks do,
grow wide

in time.

I made this cup myself,
from clay.
I sliced it from its cool damp pug.
I wedged it on the canvas, then,
I fought the wheel for it's existence.


to be completely truthful,
by the time the kiln was emptied,
meant to be a
champagne holder,
it had shrunk,
to 2 cup status.
Too small,
I liked the glazes.


began it's long career.
Holding beverage all day long.
Held itself from dawn to dusk.
Maybe comfort went both ways.


the crack and soon the holes.
What will be it's next adventure?
I can wait, I am not rushing.
I've no need of something different.
Let me hold it while I can

and then I'll set it free.