Things hurt

Things hurt that I didn't used to notice
I am losing my eyesight
and must wear reading glasses
I sometimes pee my pants when I sneeze

On the other hand, I am alive at fifty
a milestone my mother didn't achieve

But wait, I was complaining

I don't have a basement or an attic
My car is all rusted out and
smells like an old wrestling mat
I don't have a garage

If I had a second floor I could see the ocean

On the other hand, I live close enough to smell the ocean
I fall asleep to the sounds of bell bouys
and lighthouse horns.

But wait, I was complaining

I have no retirement money to speak of
I've done the calculations and I will not be able to retire until 97
I will need to work until I'm too old to care

If I were rich I could concentrate on art and music and politics

On the other hand, I earned about the national median family income
on royalties alone.
I was lucky to be educated at a time when tuitions were low and scholarships covered them.
I am technically trained in a techno-era

But Wait...
I Was Complaining!

I'm neither rich nor famous
My credit card debt is rising
George Bush is in the white house
and worse this time
so there

On the other hand,
his poll numbers are plummeting
no WMD have been found
the UN is not backing down


Ann-Patrice Hickey