Jump Rope

(to the rhythm of
"3,6,9 the goose drank wine")

Fall of Saigon
thirty years on
choppers kickin' dust in another red dawn
the lines broke
the donkey got choked
an' no one went to heaven in a swift swift boat
jump rope
jump rope

Nam, Nam Postcard Man
sends me a message when ever he can
red, black and blue in a shaky hand
in the gingerbread jungle still fightin' the man
jump rope
jump rope

Edgy and lean
looks real mean
god only knows what he has seen
bearin' the burden of the warrior gene
thought we'd never send another where he has been
jump rope
jump rope

Baghdad Bob
lost his job
livin' on the streets no nobs to hob
chewed and swallowed like corn on the cob
hasn't got together yet to form an angry mob
jump rope
jump rope

another generation
lost to the nation
projected liberation turned to torture and libation
no resolution
the horrid execution
what absolution will restore their constitution
jump rope
jump rope
jump rope
jump rope

April 30, 2005

Ann-Patrice Hickey