First Night

The year
the century
the millennium
turned on a pivot
for me
not on calender time
but upon the first meeting of
a small group
of women

These women,
like crystals,
emanated energy,
radio signals
transmitted and recieved.
Like gems
each precious,
examining our settings.
Like jewels
reflecting facets
of each other,
of grief delayed
of strength and weakness
of stillness and movement
through love loss
beyond borders
in search of ourselves
we come together here
laying the tracks
which connect
the terminals on the hearts line.

These women remind me,
we inherit
our mitochondria
only from our mothers.
Passed down through the ages
from women to their children, largely unchanged
these personal power sources
link us
each to another
to first mother
first night.


Ann-Patrice Hickey