Es-chewing on reductionism

It is tempting to feel comfortable with the possibility of understanding the true causes of things. Consider the lattisimus dorsi.
The lattisimus dorsi muscle runs from the front part of the shoulder down around the side of the rib cage and radiates out backward toward the spine at about the level of the breast. It's the muscle that sticks out under a preening body builder's arm, making him look like a flying squirrel. Apparently, I was trying to contact the flying squirrel within myself when I pulled said muscle recently in an attempt to avoid landing face first in a cinder path.
To describe why I was at risk of such a calamity is to confront Aristotle's consideration of multiple causes. Was I airborne due to the proximal cause, which was that I had tripped over a root? No, had it only been the root and had I only been walking at a leisurely pace, I may have stumbled, but would not have achieved flight. The height of my fall was related to the fact that I was running at the time.
But what was the cause of my running ? Pride.
They say that pride goeth before a fall, but what was the cause of my pride being engaged? An impending college reunion alumni ice hockey game was scheduled for 4 weeks hence and I was worried that, even as goalie, I wouldn't have the stamina to play.
But what was the cause of my worry? I'm about 100 lbs over weight.
The cause of the weight? How much time do you have?

Ann-Patrice Hickey