Doggerel #

Wishing to write of
the mouse I was forced to
evict due to taste,
short space and good
I found myself dreaming
that dear dead dog Lily
had peed on my pillow
my shoes
and spare bed quilt

I dreamed of a restaurant
set deep in a mall space
and seeing Jane Pauley
walk by on the sidewalk

I dreamed of tall staircases
wrought in grey filigree
climbing the outside
of buildings
in mazes
of up and down courses
which ended in sluices
which slid to a subway car
sans stops and exits

with help from the others
I tore out the window
I tore out a door space
and then we hit traffic
I jumped like a hobo
(the car was still moving)
and turned for my bundle
which somebody threw me
I ducked down my head
as the cop car drove by me
still guilty and red faced
I walked back to the city.

I came to my bedroom
and smelled the ammonia
and that's when I found
the dear dead doggies' deed
and somehow the knowledge
that spirits don't piddle
was finally the moment
I chuckled at dreams

Ann-Patrice Hickey