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Before the storm

The other day
the sun rose red
and orange
through perfect parfait
pastel pink
and grey

Today, Irene
spins high thin
cirrus arcs
along her northern edge
Which bled red
seaside morning warnings
And let the sun shine
throwing gold
on eastern sides
of shoreline houses
detailing the old wooden
mired in vines
and outlining
patio furniture
that hasn't yet been

(Sept 17, 2011)

winter vista

(Dec 21, 2006)

At nine am a thick grey cotton wool of clouds lay everywhere but north over Atlantic where the stripe of pale blue sky was tinged with lime green at the top and peach-rose at the bottom. The morning was so dark that christmas lights on photo-timers in the big houses out on Emerson Point sparkled a message opposite to their intended one.

"No one home." they twinkled.
"No one home."

September morning 6am

lemon and orange
grey magenta
cloud smears
in the eastern sky

the dog pees
by the light of my headlamp

A just past
full moon
in the west

a beautiful
October dawn
calendar says
still summer

last night
we slept
with windows

today we walked
in fleece
and pants

but this is still
new england so
don't store the
shorts away just yet

the sweating time
will reappear

(Sept 2011)

Life is short

And there is never enough swimming.
At least not here in New England.
So late to warm
so early to chill.

And I am old
and don't recover from the cold
like I used to.

But oh the days are sweet still
in early Sept.
Dawn rose this morning over orange-gray clouds
and painted the tree tops
with godly goldness

The air was just right for a tromp through the woods
with our faithful companion

And her friends: Suzy-Q
and Ernie-Ernie

Some people

Some people
are both

They don't like
who they think
they are
better than

nor people
they think
think they
are better
than them

Many of these people
haven't much

So how,
we wonder
they can
the rich?

Maybe like this.

They've been convinced
by decades of talk
hot propaganda
echoes of echoes
fabulous marketing


United Wealth Against Villianaire-ism

I call upon all
intelligent people
of a certain means

We need you to
come to the
aid of the nation.

There lurk among you
a small but powerful

who have in mind
the end of our country
our union
our home

who fill our
with naught but despair

and fear

fear of joblessness
old age
eternal damnation
the sins (see subcategories) of others


What we are serving

What we are serving for dinner tomorrow:


Vegetable samosas - Puff pasty stuffed with chick peas flavored with curry paste,  onions and apple juice.

Indian Relish and crackers -   Red pepper, onion, red pepper flakes, white wine vinegar and sugar relish,  cream cheese and crackers


 Rice and Cauliflower Pilaf - Cauliflower, ginger, coconut, turmeric, and yogurt 
 Sauteed Eggplant and Bell Peppers - CSA Eggplant and CSA peppers, home grown tomatoes, ginger, green chilies

you missed the spring in Rockport

dear one
you missed the spring in Rockport
the white shad and cherry blossoms cloud about the tops
bold wet tree trunks
sprouting from a greening ground, and
yellow daffodils, yellow marsh marigolds, yellow forsythia, yellow tulips,
indigo scilla
warm air opens windows to
birdsong dawns
Atlantic's roar
the seagulls sweep and soar above
the air smells of earth, sea, oxygen

dear one
I missed your pain
I was blind to the woman you were
still dazzled by the child you had been

The man faces west

The sun rises
in the east
but the man faces west
where his TV offers
Fox and Friends
at top volume
A show
perpetually set
red sky in morning
and warning
all day

(Sept 29, 2011)


Lately, our culture
implies that it's
money that matters
Uber Ales

if you have it
you're good

if you don't
you must not be

but I feel
there's a hunger

for love
in the land

being liked
is better than

That's how
the "real" people
will win
in the end

never forget

love above all

(Sept 17, 2011)


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